What's in a name?

What's in a name?
“I reckon it was real goodo”

Ok, that's not *quite* how we talk down undah, but 'goodo' is a turn of phrase I find myself using often.

Eau means water in French - we use less water to make your products weigh less, use less packaging, create less waste and less CO2 emissions. That’s good…o.

J'ai compris?

Yep, that's the name. I hope you enjoy our (very clever?) play on words. And if not, no worries - I'm sure you'll enjoy our you-beaut deodorants, and Aussie-first powder to foam washes.

Why did we change our name?

If you've been around a while you might have known us as "Good and Clean", and you might wonder why we decided to change to "Goodeau".

When I first named my business I also thought "Good and Clean" was a very clever play on words, I wanted the products to be good for the planet by reducing plastic waste and good for my sensitive skin, and the 'clean' part - well that's what soap does right? (Yes, I used to sell regular old soap.)

As another common turn of phrase -(o get something "good and clean") I was onto a winner. I guess I have a thing for turns of phrase.

At the time I wasn't really aware of trends in the skincare world, I was only tangentially aware of the movement around 'clean' beauty and it didn't click that my business name implied that we bought into and somewhat promoted this philosophy.

Over the years as I studied cosmetic chemistry, became much more familiar with the marketing world and learnt much more about the misleading claims and fear mongering tactics used across much of the industry, this name resonated with me less and less.
More about that in a future post, but for now - adieu (oh no, I'm back on the French thing again).
Founder and all rounder.