Body Wash

Shower time is sacred – a moment to pamper yourself, sing your heart out, and sprinkle a little bit of magic into your day.

Let your worries wash away and reduce plastic waste the easy way.

Less Waste, More Goodness

Our top-notch ingredients mean more bubbles, less trouble.

Just sprinkle, lather, and soak up the goodness.

(replaces up to 4 x 240mL of liquid body wash based
on 0.75g of powdered wash vs. 12g of liquid wash)

try the duo 〰️ try the duo 〰️

Body Wash Duo$23.00$26.00

Elevate your senses wherever you roam – from gym sessions to getaways (and anywhere you don't want to get caught without hand wash).

Your pocket-sized aromatherapy, ready to boost your mood and make every moment magic.