Why I Stopped Offering Subscriptions

Why I Stopped Offering Subscriptions

It’s time to say goodbye to subscriptions.

It’s not them, it’s us (kinda). The time has come to end the relationship and move on to bigger and better things.

Here's the scoop:

More Savings, More Smiles

Switching to Volume Discounts means you'll save a cool $24.00 a year when you grab four deodorants. Plus, since we subsidise the cost of shipping on all orders (shipping is never *really* free) it will save us a cool $19.70ish a year, helping Goodeau to thrive into the future and keep bringing you more fab products!

 Let’s break it down:

Greener Choices, Less Packaging

Embracing Volume Discounts is a win for Mother Earth too. Less frequent shipments mean fewer packages on the move, and less packaging materials required. Although we use carbon neutral shipping and compostable packaging materials, we all know that reducing impact is preferable to offsetting it.

Flexibility, Your Way

I get it, subscriptions are super convenient. But I believe that this new approach offers the best of both worlds. You're in control, choosing what you need, when you need it. No more fiddling around with settings or being surprised by a mystery transaction when you’ve forgotten about your subscription (we’ve all been there)!

Budget-Friendly with Afterpay

If buying in volume to take advantage of a discounts doesn't fit your budget, our checkout has got you covered. You can use Afterpay and split your payment into four fortnightly instalments. Easy peasy. 

I’m committed to maintaining the quality you deserve - I source top-notch ingredients for our products (did you know that magnesium hydroxide is over 10 times more expensive than bicarb soda?) and over the past few years, the costs of ingredients, packaging, and shipping have skyrocketed.

Just like we need to make savvy choices as consumers, as a business we also need be resourceful and efficient in the face of these rising costs to make sure that our margins can sustain us into the future. 

Frankly, I’m really thrilled to have found this solution that I believe is a unique win-win for everyone!

If you have any questions or just want to chat about it, feel free to message me in the Live Chat - I'm here!

Thanks for being part of our awesome gang. Here's to more savings, sustainability, and staying fresh the Goodeau way! 🌟

Candice (founder and all-rounder)